Ciao Italia!

Ok, so Today is this DAY!

I was flying from Saigon to Dubai 6 hours, waiting 4 hours to fly to Vienna. 6 hours later  I was at Home.

Did I tell you – I have a little bit aviophobia (I’m afraid of flying). Thanks to my doctor, I took the tablets like he told me one hour before the plane starts. Everything would be ok, but the medicine began to work before I came to plane. OMG I thought I would fall asleep on the way to the plane. I just wanted to take my place and sleep. And afterwards when I opened my eyes one more time – we were there! It was amazing, not like last time when I flew to Ho Chi Minh. I saw every single movie what the airlines offered because of my fear of flying (but they were also interesting).

We were in Austria, great! I enjoyed the time at home with family and friends.

   After 2 days in Austria we drove to Italy. After 6 hours in the car we were in the City of Love – Verona!

Great weather, amazing atmosphere and such awesome people live there.

Because this is the country of delicious dishes and we were missing European food we took the shortest way to the restaurant on the Piazza Bra. After 10 minutes we had everything on the table: pizzas, spaghetti, gnocci and salads. “OMG can we really eat this all…?”, I asked myself. But the worst is – Yes, we could! We took also the desert. OMG tomorrow I will eat nothing, I decided.

We spent the rest of the day to enjoy the walk among the small, twisted streets.




Second day, the plan was to visit la Casa di Giulleta. I was surprised because today there weren’t so many people like last time when I was here (7 years before). I was on the Balcony and then we visited the home of Juliet. You can find here their clothes, visit their living room, bedroom and also bathroom. The most important thing to do here is to send the letter to Julia with every sorrows, requests or everything what you want to share with her! I think it’s really cool! Have you ever heard about the movie ‘’Letters to Juliet‘’? If you didn’t watch this before you have to make this now – such a great, romantic story. Perfect for summer!

Now it was time to perambulate in the city, rest in the restaurants on the Piazza Bra with the view on the arena and just enjoy the beautiful day.




I always wanted to visit Venice, so I took the car and here I am! Venice is just gorgeous!

(Verona is just 2 hours by car next to Venice.)

I left the car on the Piazzale Roma and now just ‘’straight’’ to Santa Marcus Square.

You have to just follow the curly streets and enjoy the colorful buildings, sunny beams reflecting in the water and smiling, happy people. Just a magic atmosphere…



The best Ice-crème ever you can get of course in Italy! Il gelato!

And for all of you who count the calories some great and fresh fruits!

You can buy here on every corner!



You were absolutely right Paulina to come here!




It was such a perfect day!

Last day in Italy I spent in Garda. Beautiful place with a big lake of the same name.



And You, have You ever been here?










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