Today is a trip day!

After a week full of loud streets, motorbikes, cars and construction noise we had enough! We want to take a rest and just change the environment. We took our driver and we went to spend the weekend in Da Lat. The city in south center mountains part of Vietnam.

Here it is totally different as in Ho Chi Minh City.

Da Lat is situated on a much higher sea level as Saigon. Has less inhabitants and always green forests. Just perfect. Exactly what I’m looking for!

Everything will be ideal unless the raining time now… Hmm… You can’t have everything, or?!

“I concentrate on the positive side of live and I will enjoy every single moment. Yes, I do” – I said to me!

The way to Da Lat is just crazy. You go on the curly, destroyed small roads full of big cars, trucks and motorbike groups. Just next to the street are huge bluffs. You have to close your eyes and just trust your driver – he can make this… uff…

But afterwards when you leave the car, walk proximately 20 min, you stand in front of an amazing view like from a movie – you are just happy, relived and impressed by the landscape.


Arrived in Da Lat City we were surprised how cold it is here in comparison to Ho Chi Minh City where you always have more than 30 degrees.

After few minutes walking to Huynh Thuc Khang we found an amazing building called the ‘’Crazy House’’ as abstract as the Gaudí buildings in Barcelona.

Outfit should be here just comfortable, cozy and most important watertight what

I found out a little bit too late!

But this couldn’t disturb me to have fun and felt one more time like a child! I enjoyed a lot!





We rested and relaxed in the 5* Hotel and Golf resort. This place is just amazing!












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