Time to move…

After one “hard” week full of amazing moments and emotions I found few minutes for myself. So now I would like to collect the impressions and share this with you.

I flew like always Ho Chi Minh – Dubai, Dubai – Vienna.

After one day at home in Austria I went to Maria Alm – a small village in the Alps in North – West Austria, next to Salzburg. The weather was great, the sun was shining and we had 30 degrees – I thought “perfect”! I checked in in a nice hotel and one hour later I was on the hiking trail. Ok, after 20 min I was not any more as motivated as before but now I have to walk. With the time it was better and better. The view was beautiful. All shades of green. Wide grazing lands with colorful flowers surrounded with white-grey rock mountains. From afar you can hear buzz, whirr streams. Clean blue sky. It’s just you and the nature. It’s nice such a difference to the loud City.

After first day, which was a small warm-up it was time for a real hiking tour. Second day I started really early. Prepared with water I took this challenge and I started the long way to “Schneeberg” – Snow Mountain – 1939m.o.s.l. To the top you have to go in the forest approximately to the height of 1600m.o.s.l.. Afterwards it is more difficult. You “climb” on the wet, sharp rocks. You have to be careful where you put your feet. Slowly, tired but excited you reach the top of the mountain. The view recompenses your efforts. You are just happy to be on the top. And the best is, on the top a big throne is waiting for you. I deserved this! Of course!











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