Not always to be right…

After some days in the mountains, climbing and “expedition” it is time to change the environment. I flew to Poland. I stayed at my parents’ home. On the weekend my sister also came to my parents.

Like always my sister had a lot of “great” ideas how we should spend the free time. We should be active to my sister’s mind! Also this time she could not disappoint us and shared the great plan with us – “maybe we should go to the lake next to us”.

Everything would be ok if outside would be 30 degrees plus and sunshine, but not when I have to wear a jacket and long trousers. I hope you can understand me that I said “only over my dead body”!

But after few minutes I sat in the car and we went to the lake – “welcome adventure”…

We took pedal boat and swam to the middle of the lake. It was amazing. Incredible. I relaxed me so much that I put my foot in the water! Lovely!

How good it is not always to be right! Upss…

I can’t believe that I really wrote this!


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