From the lake to the city…

Unfortunately the weather was still not nice. The sky was cloudy and it looked like it was going to rain. It didn’t make sense to go to the sea so we took the car and drove to Wroclaw – the fifth biggest City of Poland, which is located south – west of the country.

It was late morning when we arrived at Wroclaw and we straightaway went to the zoo. We admired one of Europe’s largest aquarium which presents shiny and colorful fishes, which swim and play next to coral reefs of the Red Sea. Later we were impressed of the sharks, the ray and a huge turtle which swam with big grace. It’s just amazing this underwater world! We had a lot of fun to watch also other animals outside from the aquarium. Funny monkeys, playing suricates, elephants or penguins. The animals look happy here. They have really big space to run and play, as well as hiding places to “disappear” when they have enough from the onlookers.

When we watched the lemurs while eating, we realized – we were hungry too.

We left the car in the hotel and took a short walk to Wroclaw downtown.

The city center is really beautiful. Colorful buildings alongside walkways, restaurants which offer specialties of Polish kitchen and cute coffeehouses. Perambulating in the old town you can feel the magic atmosphere. The time is standing still and the people enjoy the life!

We took a walk to Ostrow Tumski “Cathedral Island” – the oldest part of Wroclaw. On the way we bought delicious doughnut – you can choose which sweet filling you want to have. (Of course I couldn’t choose what I wanted to enjoy, so we bought almost all of available filling tastes). Eating the doughnut we enjoyed the view, watched the happy people on the street and promised to eat nothing anymore for today!!




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