Surprising celebration…

After many days of travelling with interesting trips and experiences a small white-blue letter, which I found in the postbox, surprised me. I opened the cute mailer and I found the invitation to the christening.

It is many years ago that I was on such a kind of celebration … maybe when I was a child. The event is going to be in one week.

I thought ok, now I really have to think what I should buy and wear to this occasion. Absolutely excited I ran the stairs up, I opened the door to my wardrobe and I started to pick and choose the dress which will be good, no which will be perfect for this occasion. In my mind I had light, pastel colors and delicate accessories. After 5 dresses which I had in my hands I found a cream – colored dress with gold roses. That is great! I have the perfect dress!

To find proper shoes I had no problem. I knew exactly which were ideal for this dress. Nude heels – classics! How good to have these in my closet. In April I bought a rose – ton “bowling” model bag. It was the perfect taking over! The bag has the ideal size to fit in a small camera, mobile phone, tissues and cosmetics bag with powder and lipstick.

Ok, but what with the accessories?!

The dress has a small neckline so I renounced to take a necklace. I removed drawer and I took out a wide – pearls bracelet. I want to put my hairs up, so I have to find the fitting earrings. Small pearls are ideal for this outfit and celebration.

After 20 minutes I had the great look.

Now I just have to find …. lovely gift.

Let’s hope that the weather will be sunny and worm on this day.







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