Maybe Flowers?…

Today I stood up really early. “Such a beautiful day!” I thought when I opened the blinds.

I wanted to go to the Flower Market. I planned this trip since last week.

When I was ready with the coffee it began to rain. “Should I change my plan?!” Angry and disappointed I sat on the bad.

The weather in Ho Chi Minh is better as in September but it is still raining time here and it is possible that it rains the whole day. “Great”, today rainy weather absolutely doesn’t fit to my plans.

Fortunately after 2 hours the sun came back again. I took my camera, my bag, my list with the address of the place and I started! Flower Market – I heard about this “magic” place when I was looking for “Monstera deliciosa”. I tried to buy this plant few times in District 2 but not successfully. I just love this deep green plant with big frayed leaves. They are really popular now because of this interior – Miami style and look great in every apartment or house.

I heard this plant is easy to take care for and should grow quickly and well. I can remember we had this plant once at home when I was a child. But my mum threw it away immediately, after she heard it is toxic. I like this plant still and just want to have this at home. I got the address to Flower market from a nice saleswoman when I was desperately looking for this plant almost every day. I showed the address of the market to my driver but he doesn’t know where it is. I decided to take taxi – they knew this for sure. Thanks God for Google Maps. After searching the location we found it – the Flower Market.

52 Ho Thi Kej St. Ward1. District 10.       

The flowers which you can find here are from Da Lat (I wrote about this city in my post – “Trip Day”). Fresh roses, sunflowers, hydrangea, lotus, lily etc. What surprised me, the flowers’ head were wrapped with paper carton board. Maybe because of the transport from Da Lat to Ho Chi Minh, or because of this high temperature here?! I found the Monstera but not the whole “tree” only its leaves. I had to change my vision about the deco of my bedroom. But it’s not a problem I had already few new ideas.

I do not give up and I am going to search further for this plant. 🙂





Few proposals of my decoration ideas








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