Summer, Sun, Water – Holidays …

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As time runs by, the next weekend was standing in front of the door. I searched in the internet, I spoke with my friends and I got a great idea – maybe holidays?!

Yes of course, I needed some days for me. Not thinking longer, I booked a hotel in Ho Tram. Ho Tram is a small beach town, proximately 2 hours by car away from HCM (southeast). I checked the weather – should be ok. I started to pack my cloths.

Saturday 7am. I sat in my room tried to close my suitcase, no… it did not work. On the floor there were still my shoes, my cosmetic bag and my book. I just needed this everything! I couldn’t imagin to go there without my straw beach – bag, my magazines, my tunics and also the straw hat has to accompany me! I changed the luggage for a bigger one. After 20 minutes I was ready! Just sunglasses on the nose and up to the car.

Like I said after 2 hours I stood in front of a great – big hotel. A courteous concierge took my suitcase and I just walked trough the hotels’ lobby. I checked in directly and went to my room. 12th Floor, 9th door. I opened the door and I was just happy. Big room, King-size bed, bright bathroom. Perfect!  I jumped in my swimsuit, took my straw bag and now just to the pool.

The private beach is really nice. It’s big and clean. On this arrival day the sky was clouded, from time to time the sunlight was penetrating the clouds to give the perfect light to make pictures.

Some people made watersports. Surfers were waiting for the perfect wave and another group of people played beach volleyball. I took a walk along the beach. I felt the sun on my chicks, the light breeze in the hair and the cozy warm – wet sand under the feet. Holidays!

Unfortunately on the beach weren’t  free sunbeds. I went back to the pool and took one chair next to the infinity pool. I ordered a coco nut and just enjoyed the moment.

After few minutes in the sun I jumped to the pool.

In the evening the hotel also had some great attractions. The most interesting was the light – water –music show. After nice dinner in a romantic Italian restaurant in this hotel I needed some action. I found this in the 3D cinema at the ground floor of the hotel.

You have here everything what you need for a great weekend or holidays’ time. I will be soon back here, for sure!





Hotel: The Grand Ho Tram Strip



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