Hi Guys!

I’m really sorry that I didn’t write my new post earlier, but it was not an easy week for me. Few days prior to my flight to Austria I got informed that my sister is in the hospital. I was really distraught. I was 13 000 km away from home and I had just to wait for the next information. How is she doing? Is it getting better?! Why is she in the hospital, what happened exactly? I had so many questions and so many thoughts were running in my head. The worst was powerlessness.

Also the six hours time difference between Asia and Europe just killed me. In such situations you recognize that a life full of travelling and to be so far away from home is not only wonderful. Everything is beautiful as long as everything is ok. You enjoy the world, the amazing views, meet interesting people and try new things. But this all can be changed in just one second. Only one text message, telephone call or mail and all of that doesn’t matter any more. You just miss “home”.

I arrived well in Austria. My sister was still in the hospital but I got more information. It was not so bad and serious as it was looking like. I tried to be in a good mood and to find back to my “normal” life. I tried to think positive and hung long hours on the telephone with my sister.

I took a walk to clear my mind. I like to be in nature. This change of environment give me positive energy. I walked next to the dark forest. I felt the pliable moss under my feet and watched the red – gold leaves dancing in the wind.

I enjoyed the colorful scenery.





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