Many, Many Gifts…

Hi everyone I’m back in Vietnam. In a couple of weeks will be Christmas. I just love Christmas! I love the Xmas tree, the decorations, the cookies, the smell of cinnamon at home and I love presents!!

I will spend Xmas here in Vietnam. Outside 34 degrees, the sun is shining, people are swimming in the pool and absolutely no sign, that snow will come 🙂 . To keep the Christmas spirit and for not losing track, how many days remain until Christmas Eve, I tinkered an advent calendar.

To create the small packs makes a lot of fun and to see the smile in the face of the person who is opening the gift box is just great! The best is that you can open every day one bag, yeah!

There are a lot of possibilities how you can make this calendar. You can use small brown bags and decorate it with white paper, or draw Santa Claus or a reindeer. You can also tinker a colorful box or just like me buy the ready template to put it together.

You can prepare the packs for your husband, boyfriend, wife, girlfriend, children, mum, dad, sister, brother and of course don’t forget about your pet!

Think about what the person likes and also do small “sweet” surprises.

I made this for my husband and of course for me!

First I have to buy some gifts.

My proposal for gifts:

  • hand cream for him and for her
  • shower gel
  • emery board XS
  • VS pochette
  • cinema tickets
  • calendar for 2018
  • scented candle
  • a handwritten love letter
  • sleep mask
  • fleecy socks
  • shaving cream for him
  • sweet pictures together
  • We booked a weekend trip, so I give also the tickets to my advent calendar packs
  • chocolate
  • christmas tree decorations
  • book
  • lip salve
  • soap
  • candlelight dinner
  • bookmark
  • christmas hair accessoires
  • cosmetic bag
  • tea cup
  • scrub foot mask for her and him.

Today is already the second day of the Advent countdown!

Have a great time!





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