Santa’s Workshop…

If you need some inspirations how you can wrap your Xmas gifts this post is perfect for you!

Take a cup of tea or coffee and just enjoy Santa’s workshop.

At the weekend I bought all of my Christmas presents, so today I can concentrate how I can decorate the boxes. I love do this be myself because I like if the gifts have a personal touch.

My proposals to wrap the Noel surprises:

  • I decorated some gifts in Scandinavian style. Clean, easy and natural. For this I used brown paper, some pieces of jute sack, rope, fake Christmas tree and some winter flowers.


1243-e1513144701654.jpg33-e1513144570604.jpg453-e1513144742536.jpghow to wrap Xmas gifts, christmas gifts, jak zapakowac prezenty, xmas,7





how to wrap Xmas gifts, xmas, gifts, wrap the gifts, pakowanie prezentow, gwiazdka

  • Some gifts I wrapped in Glam style. Here MORE is MORE! Everything should shine, be sparkly and look like a 1000 $ gift! 🙂

To get this effect I used dot gold – white paper and also black paper as well as gold and white bows, some gold flowers, a gold reindeer and many, many glitter… Exactly like I love it!









how to wrap Xmas gifts, xmas gifts, presents, jak zapakowac prezenty

  • I also made some classic packs. For this I took Xmas paper decorated with a big red band.

Second option is to take the same paper but to wrap the gift with the backside of the paper ( in my case it’s white), use a rope in a Christmas color ( red, green and white) and on the front of the gift hang a Christmas tree decoration. In my case it is a nutcracker






333435how to wrap Xmas gifts, xmas, gifts, gwiiazdka, prezenty jk zapakowac37

  • And for all of you who wants to give tickets to a concert, or a trip, or vouchers I have a great proposal.

I made this for a friend of mine who will visit me here in Vietnam in March.



Have a great time with wrapping your Xmas GIFTS!





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