The Place to BE…

Hello to everyone in the new week!

How are you today?

I’m sitting next to my computer and think about my last weekend. I ‘m so happy to share with you my experiences and insights about my last trip. Just few days ago I was in southwest Vietnam on the island Phu Quoc. Already the name “Phu Quoc” sounds exotic and I really have to confirm, this place is amazing! Many, many kilometers of white sandy beaches, tropical trees, palms and this perfect clear, crystal blue water. To be here is just to find yourself in the paradise. The time is running slower, you lay on the sunlounger with a fresh coconut in the hand, watching the small waves on the sea. Can be something better than this in December?!

I love this moment, I had time to catch up the gossip, hot news and to search the next places to be.

We stayed the whole 3 days in our hotel. The Shells Resort & Spa Phu Quoc has everything what you need to spend cozy, homely weekends. It’s a big closed area with a tropical garden, small villas and a center hotel. Our room had a view directly to the ocean. Every day when I opened my eyes I saw the great scenery, all the colors of sunrise reflected on the water. Just beautiful.

For all of you who love some action, the hotel offers all kinds of watersport, snorkeling and diving.

For the extreme sport I chose to swim on my private unicorn.  But on the island in the morning it can be really windy. So I always lost the “war” with the wind and my unicorn was unfortunately always pushed to the wall of the swimming pool or to the beach side. But apart from this I had so much fun!

At the evening maybe a romantic dinner on the beach to enjoy the sunset and the tropical landscape?!






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