Chinatown – Saigon

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How you can begin the new year better than to discover a new place with your BFF?!

In short time from Ho Chi Minh downtown you can find yourself on the colorful, magical and really loud Ho Lon – “street”. First what you can see is a big Caesarian palace inside a big market. Opposite this imperial building, there is a small park full of people. Entering the park, a big, colorful dragon, which arises out of the water, shines in front of your eyes – Welcome to Chinatown! “A Town in the Town”.

Small “fight” to cross the street.

On the narrow sidewalk sellers offer hand made goods. We walked in the lane of colored paper lanterns, tags with Chinese horoscopes and divinations. The sun’s rays are reflected on the red – gold ornaments and decorations. Everywhere you can buy cards with animals from the Chinese zodiac. After few steps I saw huge, amazing, incrusted, detailed decorated and really realistic dragon masks well known from a lot of movies. Kites with long embellished fire tails were flying above our heads. Everything here is even more festival like because of the Lunar New Year Eve – “Tet” which will be on 15th of February.

On the street you smell intensive incense sticks from the Pagodas. Lured by this smell we went inside. Here the time is standing still… it is really quiet, from time to time you hear the bells ringing.

It’s mystical and esoteric.


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