Being In a Good Mood…

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If outside it’s not pretty, it’s raining and grey, I need something “sunny” next to me. Just few stuff which change the day, give me some positive energy, keep me in a good mood and are pretty, cute and either usable! Just lovely – I think you can understand me!

The favorites of this month!

It’s pastel time. I like this delicate, tender tones not just on my clothes but also on my desk or at home.

  1. Pale turquoise notebook. Something like this we are using with pleasure… Honestly I have to say that I always write when I get new ideas or because I saw something what stole my attention. I’m still discovering Ho Chi Minh City so I note, where I can get some amazing stuff.
  2. Donut pen.
  3. I love the cactus vase – can you resist on this?!
  4. Flowers – keep me always in a good mood,
  5. Cup of my favorite tea… mmmh…
  6. Macarons – sugar helps always
  7. My brand new ice-cream bag
  8. Key fob,
  9. Ice – cream paperclips


dream about glow life, lifestyle, fashion blog, flowers, office32

fashion blog, lifestyle blog, my stuff, office, macarons, cactus vase,

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What does help you to keep yourself in a good mood?

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