Valentine’s Day Gift Guide…

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, so do you have already some ideas what you are going to give your BELOVED?!

If you need some inspirations or just a little help to find the perfect present, this post is ideal for You!

The most important thing is to show your “better” half, that you know what she/he likes, what makes her/him happy and what are her/his desires.

This gift should be a nice memory by saying “You are important to me”.


My proposals are:


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    1. book with an interesting topic for her, like “VOGUE THE COVERS” Amazon
    2. camera Fujifilm Istax Mini , Amazon
    3. the favorite chocolate, my proposal LOVE & CUPCAKE 7 – chocolates in a cupcake form, Amazon
    4. coffee to go – cup ROMIS, I like this from home&you collection
    5. keep the moments for longer with a pastel rose photo frame by Zara Home
    6. favorite fondant, red color – YSL, Sephora.
    7. perfumes, D&G The One, Sephora
    8. scented candle H&M Home
    9. lingerie, dessous in hot red color; H&M
    10. lingerie, dessous in hot red color; H&M
    11. The best friends of every woman are diamonds… Jewelry is the great choice for the Valentine’s Day. Check this from Apart.
    12. The classical gift – a bunch of red roses.



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  1. book with an interesting topic for him, like “Boarderlines…”; Amazon
  2. sport fit armband for iPhone, big selection at Amazon
  3. sport fit watch
  4. cinema tickets
  5. bottle of his favorite champagne, wine…
  6. face gel by L’Occitane
  7. shower gel by L’Occitane
  8. perfumes by L’Occitane
  9. underwear, my proposal are the 3-pack mid trunks ; H&M
  10. pyjamas; striped cotton pyjamas; ZARA HOME
  11. for comics fans – funny egg cup like this from Amazon
  12. The way to man’s heart is through his stomach! Prepare for him a breakfast and he will love you forever!
  13. Love You – cup to guarantee that he always thinks of you; home&you


I hope, I could help you to choose your favorite Valentine’s Day gifts?!

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