What to Wear as Wedding Guest?

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With the upcoming spring months one of the most beautiful and romantic celebrations begin – the WEDDINGS. I can’t hide that this is one of my favorite ceremonies. 

Everyone is happy, has fun and will remember these magic moments for the whole life. To make the day more special and to celebrate the wonderful party, I have some instructions and information for you.

We can see in every stores such beautiful dresses, shoes and accessories. But what to wear for this special day to be the perfectly dressed guest?! What should we choose? If you are also invited to a wedding or if you are only interested, how the perfect wedding guest looks like – welcome to reading!

For every wedding you should pick the “formal dress code”. What does this mean? You have to think about 3 things:

First, where does the wedding start and take place. Classical at the church, vintage-like in the garden or is it a romantic ceremony on the beach?!

Secondly, in which degree of relationship are you to the wedding – couple? Are you the mother of the fiancé, witness or friend?

Thirdly, check the invitation, if there is any dress code mentioned.

The official look for every female wedding guest is an elegant, bright, mat costume or a classical dress. Remember the white color is reserved for the bright and black color has to be never worn for a wedding!!

The length of the skirt or the dress should not be shorter as 6 cm above the knee center.

For a long skirt take a short blazer. Conversely, for a short skirt pick a long suit jacket.

Hat or Fascinator?!

An important element of the formal day look is a hat, which can be decorated with flowers, pearls or feathers. If you don’t like hats, the alternative for you can be a fascinator like a decorative clasp or headband.

Add a small bag and shoes which suit to your whole outfit. The shoes do not have to be in the same tint as the bag.

Find some inspirations for different kinds of weddings below!


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  1. Fascinator, Amazon
  2. Earrings, Swarovski
  3. Ring, Swarovski
  4. Satin shoes with bow, ZARA
  5. Dress, ZALANDO
  6. Necklet, Swarovski
  7. Small bag, ZALANDO


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  1. Flowers crown, H&M
  2. Flowers earrings, Kate Spade NY
  3. Bracelet, Kate Spade NY,
  4. Barnie Flats, Kate Spade NY,
  5. Lacy Dress, H&M
  6. Clutch, Kate Spade NY


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  1. Earrings, Swarovski
  2. Bracelet, H&M
  3. Sandals, ZALANDO
  4. Dress, ZALANDO
  5. Metropolis mini crossbody, Furla, ZALANDO



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