Statement Earrings – Must Have For Summer…

Statement earrings belong to the spring – summer season!

The designer and high street shops offer so many different ear jewelry, but which one does suit to us?!

The most important criteria to pick the right earrings is the face shape.

Women with round faces should pick the longer, pendant earrings, which immediately make the face longer and slender.


  1. Multicoloured earrings, ZARA
  2. Fringed earrings, ZARA
  3. Fringed earrings, H&M


For women with square faces the better choice are hoops earrings, which help to soften the clearly marked facial lines.


  1. Flower child door knocker earrings, Kate Spade NY
  2. Hoops, Stradivarius


Heart shaped faces look attractive with earrings, which are wide below the earlobe. Teardrop earrings is the best form for them.


  1. Teardrop shape errings, H&M
  2. Fringed earrings, Stradivarius


Oval earrings are perfect for triangle faces. This shape brings more harmony and proportion to the whole face look.


  1. Oval errings, Stradivarius
  2. Statement earrings, H&M
  3. Sequin earrings, MANGO


The lucky owner of an oval face can wear every form of earrings. So they have no limit to pick every day new shapes.


The new trend is to wear not the same earring, which is better described by “not symmetric”; long on one side and short and/or wide on the other. If you choose this earrings, you should have quite perfect symmetric face elements. These kinds of earrings accentuate every “imperfections” on your face, e.g. asymmetric eyebrows.

Statement earrings don’t like competition!

So if you choose a patterned top or a rich printed dress, pick plain earrings. If you select crazy earrings and choose e.g. the rainbow earrings, wear a white top. Don’t steal earrings the show!

Remember also, when you wear a big, rich embellished earring, you should not pick more jewelry. The earrings are the most important element of your look.

Also important is to spotlight! If you choose statement earrings, put your hairs together, make a ponytail or half bun to make your earrings more visible.

I have fallen in love with statement earrings, and you? Have fun and let me know which earrings you love most!

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