How the perfect City Outfit looks like?!

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The City Outfit has to be comfortable easy, but chic and never boring! If you know, you make a city tour without “jumping” and “climbing” on stairs, you can change the trousers or shorts for a skirt. Just take care, that the length of the skirt is right. It can be really disturbing, if you always have to pull down the skirt. It should be also not too clinging, you want to make steps easily, right?!

Pick a T-shirt, which is also not so tight, you will feel more comfortable. Try to choose natural materials like cotton, wool, silk, which give a smooth feeling to your skin and let it breath.

Now the right shoes. With sneakers you make nothing wrong. They are cozy, calm and you can “run” the whole day long. If you are visiting a city with your husband or boyfriend, as I did, you can pick a small and calm bag. This time the bottle of water, the city map and pullovers are placed in his backpack. I took a small red bag to add a little bit of color to my outfit. Don’t forget about sunglasses and the tour can begin!

Have fun!

Some impressions of my Hong Kong city tour!

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Victoria Peak under fog…

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My favorite:

H&M – skirt

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