Which kind of body shapes do You have?

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All of us are dreaming about a closet full of beautiful, fashionable and stylish clothes!… Great is, when everything suits you! But how to buy the right pieces?! One of the most important criteria is to choose the clothes adequately to your body shape. But do you now which kind of body shape do You have?

There are 5 basic, different body shape types:



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Your shoulder and hips have about the same width.  Your hips are exactly of the same width as your thighs. You have less defined waist and small bottom. Your biggest assets are your amazing long and slender legs and exactly here you should focus on!

Off – shoulder, one – shoulder and open, deep décolletage tops are perfect for you. Show your beautiful skin and neck! You can wear the asymmetric clothes as well! If you wear a dress, create the illusion of your curves and emphasize your waistline with a belt. (The belt should be darker than your dress, make sure it is visible)  High-waisted pants and skirts are ideal for you. Pick the skirts in “A” and tulip form, which helps defining your waist. Don’t worry to show the world your amazing legs! The cropped skirts, shorts and girly dresses are just made for you! And in the skinny jeans you look really sexy!




  1. Off-shoulder orange dress MOHITO, 2. skinny jeans DRYKORN, 3. A-line skirt ZARA, 4. white skirt ZARA


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Your shoulder are visible broader as your hips. Your breasts are average or big size. Your waist can be defined or straight. You have amazing legs, they are very slender and long, great!

You should try to level off the proportion to keep balance between your shoulders and hips. Wear calm, single color, darker tops and shirts. Change the bouffant and braid sleeves tops, which give you more volume, to pieces touching more your body. So you take the focus from your broad shoulders to your small hips. Create a little bit of volume over your “problem zone” with “A” lines and tulips skirts. Here you can go crazy and pick every color and every print! Choose jewelry, big embellished and shiny watches or bracelets around your wrist. You can also wear amazing, bold and embellished shoes which also turn everyone’s attention to your asset – your gorgeous legs!



  1. A-lines skirt MOHITO,  2. lace dress H&M, 3. floral trousers ZARA, 4. paperbag trousers ZARA 



circle body shape, body shapes, apple, body, body type, dream about glow life, fashion

You have great arms, décolletage, breasts. Your legs are slender. The only place, which disturbs your dreams, is the belly or better said “the love handles”…

Just try to keep focus on your assets! The tops and dresses in empire cut are perfect for you! Take care, that the shirts and tops have “V” necklines to show your amazing décolletage! Don’t forget about big, statement necklace and dangly earrings (read more about how to add earrings to your face shape – here).  Pick “A” line skirts in knee length. This is the best way to define your waist and to “hide” the full curves, additionally you show your slender calf. Choose straight leg and boot cut jeans and pants. You can earn few centimeters, if you choose wedges. This helps you to slender and stretch out your whole body, to feel sexy and to walk like a model! Choose a bigger bag. With the small tote you will look bigger as you are.




pictures , 1. bloock heels ZARA, 2. statement earrings ZARA, 3. streight leg jeans, 4. wrap top ZARA, 5.tote bag ZARA


triangle, triangle body shape, body types of women, your body type, female body type, dream about glow life,

You have narrow shoulders and smaller breasts. Your waist is perfectly defined. Your hips and thighs are full and your bottom is roundish. Your upper body is smaller than your lower.

Your “job” is to balance your silhouette. You have to give more volume to your upper body. Choose tops and shirts with cowl, boot, “U” and “V” necklines. The off – shoulder tops are perfect for you! You are the lucky one which can wear valance, embellished, fringe tops. Everything to keep volume to your upper body. Play with prints! Wear a top with crosswise strips instead of perpendicular strips, which looks good on your lower body part. Pick a blazer, jacket or coat with shoulder pads. Don’t forget to wear a printed scarf or a statement necklace.

Cropped tops?! Why not! You have beautiful defined waist – show this to the whole world! Wear dresses accenting     exactly that place. “A” line skirts are also ideal for you. Pick wide leg and straight leg trousers in a darker color. Take jeans without shades designs – this reduces your thighs by some centimeters. Add heels to lengthen your figure.



pictures, 1. wide jacket with pockets ZARA, 2. crop top ZARA


fashion, women boday type, body type, hourglass body type, body tips,You are the lucky one, who has a great proportional body shape. Your shoulder has the same width as your hips. Your breast is full. Your waist is small and really defined, your bottom is roundish. Your body is pretty curly!

You have amazing décolletage so the tops with sweetheart and “V” necklines are ideal for you. Small, short or in a “V” form necklace suits you. You should flaunt your “wasp waist” in wrap tops and dresses. Peplum, straps or off – shoulder  tops are also great for you. Go for tops and jackets, that follow your body line accenting your waist. Choose the shorter ones which stop before your hips line. Think about bodycon. Accent your waist with a belt. Show all your curves at the same time. The high waist cut in “A” line skirts and pencil knee length skirts are just made for you! The high or mid – rise boot cut and straight leg trousers look fabulous on you!




pictures, 1. pencil skirt ZARA, 2. black heels ZARA, 3. FURLA bag, 4. top H&M, 5. hoop earrings ZARA, 6. sunglasses MIU MIU


Illustration: E. Szeniawska

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