Being In a Good Mood…

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  If outside it’s not pretty, it’s raining and grey, I need something “sunny” next to me. Just few stuff which change the day, give me some positive energy, keep me in a good mood

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Romantic Beach Outfit …

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I left the City to spend the weekend on the south – east coast of Vietnam. For the Saturday romantic look

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Lunch Time …

I like to make a break and eat something healthy, meet my friends and enjoy the sunny day.

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Chinatown – Saigon

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How you can begin the new year better than to discover a new place with your BFF?!

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Rooftop Party…

Hi Guys! I hope You had yesterday a lot of fun to celebrate the New Year Eve Party! I wish all of You a Happy New YEAR!!

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Magic Christmas…

  If you are far, far away from home… you have to make “home” where you are. I wish all of You Magical and Beautiful Christmas!

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